Introducing VIDA - a secure content management platform for finished masters.

VIDA was designed for long-term TV and Film intellectual property management.

It stores content, in all versions, with all captions, metadata and associated assets ready for fast, economical distribution.

Search and View

Deep search your library, and select the combination of assets you require.

View picture perfect proxy files complete with M&E tracks, 5.1 and subtitles.


“VIDA is the perfect platform to help All3 manage the International delivery of our ever growing master assets and supporting versions, particularly as we move into delivering more 4K and IMF packages globally.” all3Media international

Advanced Version Control

Store and manage unlimited, connected versions of content and operate multiple content-delivery workflows, including IMF and 4K.

VIDA was designed for agile supply chain management, which means freedom from spreadsheets and hard drives.

Simple pricing plans - Endless possibilities


VIDA operates on a Software as a service model.  Simply pick your plan, log in and go.

Need to more space or more users? VIDA is highly scalable with unlimited storage

Security First

Worried about the future? VIDA mirrors your content over two time zones for complete security.

Your IP is stored in a private cloud and processed at one of our CDSA approved facilities.


Need to discuss your 4k QC results?
Want some advice on IMF mastering or navigating a demanding delivery schedule?
Just pick up the phone to our team of experts. We are on call to talk through your project at any time

Reach audiences everywhere

VIDA stores all captions, dubs, subtitles and M&E tracks with the content as components.

Choose your destination and we will deliver compliant files, from over 500 platform and broadcaster specifications.

Want to reach new audiences?  Call on Visual Data for localization services in 140 languages.

Why do something twice?

If you are not sure whether it’s at the post house or with the production company or on a hard drive we can help.

Our vision is everything in one place accessible by your global team.

Lean supply chains save time and money and centralised storage ensures you never pay twice for subtitles or transcodes.

Global Delivery

You can deliver your content, by Aspera, at the click of a mouse and leverage our status as a Netflix Preferred Vendor and an Apple Preferred Plus encoding house.

With proven workflows and low redelivery rates we guarantee perfect content arrives on time.

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