High Volume Digitization

We can digitize your library to preserve and help you monetize your content.

Other benefits include increased efficiency, rapid delivery and the freeing up of expensive storage space.

We have digitized huge libraries for some of the world’s leading broadcasters and sporting bodies, transforming thousands of hours of degrading tape into logical, searchable media archives.

The Visual Data team can manage the entire process, from collecting tapes to delivering files in the required format.

Key features:

  • High capacity automated tape ingest from all formats
  • Video encoding to Pro Res, MXF, AVC Intra and DNxHD
  • Technical and descriptive metadata enrichment
  • Automated and/or manual QC by experienced staff
  • Accurate logging and reporting at every stage


Asset management

Once your media archive has been digitized, you can use VIDA our asset management platform to control and manage your content.