Restoration and remastering

We designed Matchmaker – our film scanning and remastering workflow – as a fast, cost effective way to bring your content to new audiences.

High speed 4K scanning

Our state of the art scanners can scan 4K at up to 18fps and our operators use best in class film handling techniques.

We overscan in horizontal and vertical direction beyond image boundaries to capture the complete picture.

Fast accurate matchmaking

During the dailies scanning process our Matchmaker software turns data points on each film into algorithms which are immediately sent to our data centre for scene matching.

Our high speed processing can match-back a 1 hour episode in 5 hours.

An EDL is automatically generated and exported to Resolve where it waits for an Editor to begin the finishing process.



Upon approval content can be packaged for secure delivery to any cable, broadcast, VOD or OTT platform.