High Quality Captions

We combine word-perfect transcripts with technical know-how to provide fast and accurate captioning.

Our fast, secure service delivers on-spec captions for all platforms and formats.

All Closed Caption files are FCC-compliant.


As an Netflix Preferred Plus Fulfilment Partner, an Amazon approved vendor and Apple Preferred Plus captioning house we are trusted by the best to deliver high quality captioning for premium content.

Easy repurposing

Once your high quality captions have been created, the files can be easily reconfigured for any platform or format.

We store over 100 delivery specifications and deliver daily to the world’s largest platforms and broadcasters.

End to end service

We’ll securely store all captions alongside your content and all other assets in our private cloud.

This makes it easy to search, approve and share your captions from anywhere.

As well as providing access for your global team it ensures you never pay twice for captioning.