Visual Data’s Ray Clarke on Editing Film History for Academy Museum

Part of Lourdes Portillo gallery in Significant Movies and Moviemakers: Stories of Cinema exhibit at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Image Credit: Lourdes Portillo in Significant Movies and Moviemakers, Stories of Cinema, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, ©Academy Museum Foundation, photo by Joshua

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Visual Data Editor, Ray Clarke
Ray Clarke

Visual Data editor Ray Clarke recently worked on a project for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures exhibit called “Significant Movies and Moviemakers: Stories of Cinema,” which celebrates film history. Films highlighted include Casablanca, Boyz n the Hood and the documentaries of Lourdes Portillo, a Mexican American documentary filmmaker. Clarke was brought in to create the exhibition documentary celebrating Portillo and her contribution to film and culture.

Clarke, who has a rich editing background, spent his early days in the industry working with editors who juggled several projects at once, and this way of working stuck with him as his career progressed. Currently, he works on feature and episodic content compositing visual effects, offline editing, online conforming and titling of episodic TV shows, music videos and trailers, and commercials.

We reached out to Clarke to find out more about his workflow on this project, which was broken down into four separate parts of Portillo’s life…

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