Apple Preferred Plus Encoding House Video Delivery

Visual Data has been awarded Apple Preferred Plus status for video delivery.

This places Visual Data amongst only four companies in the world to have achieved Apple’s highest partner accolade.

To qualify for Apple Preferred Plus status, encoding houses must consistently meet Apple’s stringent quality and delivery targets. They are also evaluated to ensure that they have the necessary tools and expertise to meet Apple’s uncompromising video-delivery standards.

Apple has been monitoring the performance of all of its encoding partners over the last 12 months and has now created a three-tier ranking system consisting of Preferred Plus, Preferred, and Approved members. To qualify for Apple’s top ranking, an encoding house must demonstrate a minimum of 400 masters delivered per quarter, have a minimum package pass rate of 97%, experience no critical delivery issues and support iTunes Extras.

Symon Roue, Managing Director of Visual Data, said:

“The shift to TVOD and SVOD in the last three years has resulted in a rise in our digital work, which now comprises around 50% of all our deliveries. We’ve worked hard on our volume, capability and accuracy metrics — and Apple’s Preferred Plus award shows that our dedication and commitment have paid off. With digital now accounting for a significant proportion of content-owners’ revenue streams, identifying the right digital supply-chain partner has never been more important. Apple’s new ranking system will not only help our clients keep costs down and quality up, but it will enable us to deliver peace of mind along with perfectly encoded content.”