VIDA Content OS

Visual Data UK are launching a TV and film content-management platform that delivers major efficiencies for users, along with the ability to react swiftly, flexibly and effectively to the fast-changing global content market.

To be unveiled at the Media Production Show, VIDA Content OS is a secure platform for finished masters offering version management, metadata and associated assets held in an EBU Core database structure. Used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with Visual Data’s suite of media management services, the platform is fully integrated with industry leading tools including Aspera, Telestream and Vidchecker.

Among the first clients to be on-boarded to the new platform is digital fulfillment pioneer all3Media international, which will use VIDA Content OS to manage its global content supply pipeline.

Designed with long term TV & Film intellectual property management in mind VIDA Content OS is aware of the hierarchies and workflows that exist between production, distribution, rights management, broadcasters and platforms. Its key benefits include the ability to smartly store media components and manage unlimited related versions of content, operate multiple content-delivery workflows, including IMF and 4K, and deliver significant cost savings by reducing the complexity and duplication involved in storing, reversioning and localizing master assets.

The new platform is a SaaS (software as a service) solution, which removes the need for companies to run complex applications on their own servers in their own data centers. This not only eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, security provisioning, software licensing, installation and support, but also enables flexible payments and high scalability.

Claire Feeney, head of content operations at all3Media international, said: “building on our long standing relationship with Visual Data, VIDA Content OS is the perfect platform to help All3 manage the International delivery of our ever growing master assets and supporting versions, particularly as we move into delivering more 4K and IMF packages globally.”

Symon Roue, managing director of Visual Data, said: “It has taken us several years of investment to configure, integrate and build a SaaS platform highly customized to the needs of the global digital media supply-chain. The result is VIDA Content OS — and we are confident it will become the gold standard for TV and film content management.”

Visual Data Media Services (Visual Data) was recently awarded the prestigious Apple Preferred Plus status for video delivery — one of only four companies in the world to have achieved the US technology giant’s highest partner accolade. This followed the award in 2013 of Netflix Preferred Vendor (NPV) status, which is accorded only to those companies able to meet the global streaming giant’s rigorous standards for converting, localizing and delivering massive volumes of content.

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